Are you a small business owner, mompreneur, or entrepreneur who is looking to increase brand awareness and drive new prospects and customers to your business? Do you want to invest in an effective and proven marketing strategy but you are on a tight budget? Then my Marketing On A Shoestring Budget course is for you!



This Marketing On A Shoestring Budget Course will provide you with tangible, effective marketing strategies that you can easily and quickly implement at little or no cost to you. These are all strategies that I have learned based on my own experience as a marketer and small business owner as well as based on my interviews with several high profile, successful entrepreneurs. I have personally implemented all of these strategies and they have helped me to drive new customers to my business and website. All of these strategies are applicable whether you are just starting out or have been in business for quite some time and are relevant whether you have a website, service business or brick and mortar location.

The goal of this course is to provide you with low cost, easy marketing strategies that you can implement on your own. This course will help you to increase awareness about your business, drive new customers and prospects to your business, and ultimately increase business revenue without spending a ton of time or money!


  • How analyzing and enhancing your existing operations can help to increase your average transaction and drive new prospects to your business.
  • The influential businesses and people that you should be partnering with to help spread your brand message to a new audience
  • The must-have elements of your website to convert prospects to sales
  • Why blogging is important and how you can effectively and easily blog and develop content
  • How to manage an effective social media strategy on your own without spending a ton of time
  • How to get on TV and in major publications on your own, without spending any money
  • How to build your own personal profile and how doing so will help to drive more business
  • You will also receive a ton of resource recommendations, tips, and tools to help you manage marketing on your own without spending a lot of time or money


Check out my video for more information about me and details on what you will learn from taking my course


Each video module takes you through a new marketing strategy, resources to help you manage this strategy, and a handout with tangible action items for you to get started in implementing the recommendations provided. The majority of modules are 30-35 minutes while the PR and Social Media modules are 50 minutes. You will receive access to all modules and handouts immediately after purchasing so you can complete the course at your own pace.

Current Operations and CustomersModule-1

How to refine and leverage existing operations and customers to drive new business
- increasing your average transaction size
- leveraging existing customers
- driving trials

Partnering With InfluencersModule-2

How to determine key influencers and how to effectively partner with these infuencers to increase brand awareness
- community and industry influencers
- bloggers
- complimentary businesses

Website & BloggingModule-3

The importance of an effective website & blog and how to manage both without spending a ton of time and resources
- must-haves for your website
- the importance and benefits of blogging
- how to develop content for your blog
- tools to help you manage your blog and website


How I have landed tv appearances and published articles in news outlets like the Huffington Post and Washington Post on my own
- how to pitch yourself to news outlets
- who to pitch to
- how to leverage and market your PR once you are successful
- pitch template email and resources to help you pitch on your own

Social MediaModule-5

How to implement an effective social media strategy on your own without spending a ton of time and energy
- how to determine the most effective channels for you
- what you should be posting on social media
- tools to help you manage and not become overwhelmed by social media

Building Your Personal BrandModule-6

Why building your own personal profile is so important and how you can leverage your personal brand to drive more business
- importance of personal brand building
- how to leverage in-person speaking and on-camera opportunities to build your brand
- how to effectively network to build your personal brand
- how to effectively manage both your personal and business social media and marketing strategies




I have developed this course based on my own experience as a small business owner of a children’s franchise for 5 years, blogger, tv and news contributor, and 8 years of corporate marketing experience at American Express.

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Anjali is informative, dynamic, and engaging. She has an extensive knowledge of marketing and provided excellent, tangible recommendations on how small businesses can benefit from low-cost marketing strategies. I have heard feedback from several entrepreneurs who enjoyed and benefited from her Marketing On A Shoestring Budget presentation.



-Kelly Leonard

speaker, trainer, business leader, and 2014 Minerva Entrepreneur Women-Owned Business of the Year Award recipient


I recently got a taste of Anjali's ecourse. I left the seminar feeling so inspired. Anjali presents the information in a way that makes you feel you too can better your business with little cost. She is so real, genuine, and relatable.



- Allison Camps

Personal Stylist


Anjali offered a great presentation of Marketing on a Shoestring Budget. The course is full of great ideas that can be implemented immediately after completion. She also suggests action items after each module. I utilized two of her ideas the day after taking her class.


- Linda Quinones

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