3 Tips For Making Time To Unplug

I recently completed Randi Zuckerberg’s new book Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives.  I have been contributing to Randi’s website Dot Complicated and was excited to be one of the first to receive her book when it was released.  The book provides great insight on what it was like for Randi to build Facebook with her brother, Mark Zuckerberg.  It is easy to forget that the life-changing social media giant was once an entrepreneurial start up comprised of a few people working from home.  It serves as a reminder to aspiring entrepreneurs that even though you start small you can grow to something big – you just have to keep plugging away (pun intended, of course)!

Randi’s book focuses on social media and technology and their impact on our online and offline worlds.  Randi shares the importance of “untangling our wired lives” and “tech-life balance” – concepts that are crucial in this tech-crazed world, but often easier said than done!  In the past year, I have made a concerted effort to unplug at specified times throughout my week in order to be present, de-stress, enjoy the people in my life, and make the most of those small but important moments in life:

1. Tech-free time with the kids – each night I try to have 30-60 minutes of tech free time with the kids: no phones, emails, tv, iPads – not even a quick glance at my phone.  The boys saver the opportunity to have my undivided attention and I love spending the time focused on them.  It’s also a great opportunity for my kids to unplug and enjoy activities that are not reliant on technology like books, board games and puzzles.

2. Weekly date night with my husband – My husband and I recently realized that both of us are either in front of the TV or working on our laptop almost every night that we are home.  We recently instituted a date night once a week where we unplug – no TV, computers, or phone.  This has been made easier since Breaking Bad ended!  These date nights have provided great opportunities to disconnect from the outside world and connect with one another.

3. Unplugged me time – Unplugged me time is not only unplugging from technology but also unplugging from the people, stress, and responsibilities in your life.  One way I accomplish this is by meditating for five minutes every morning.  Five minutes is about all I can squeeze in during the morning craziness between getting ready for work and getting the kids ready for school!  Even that small amount of time is a chance for me to center myself, reflect on what is important in life, focus on gratitude, and create my goals for the day.  I also carve out time to work out 3 times a week, which also allows me to unplug from technology and the world, focus on myself, and de-stress.

I challenge you to set times throughout your week to unplug and focus on finding tech-life balance in your life.  Start now by entering to win my first giveaway, a free copy of Randi Zuckerberg’s new book Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives which provides a ton of great tips.  To enter to win, just like The Modern Mompreneur facebook page (you should see a like button to the right of this post) and comment with your tip on how to unplug or your thoughts on these tips. Contest ends Friday December 15th!

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