Weekly Roundup – My Favorite Articles on Female Entrepreneurship, Spring Trends, The Real Housewives, And More!

The Weekly Roundup is back, after a brief hiatus!  Each week I try and share my favorite articles on entrepreneurship, fashion, parenting, home, and anything else that I, and hopefully you, find interesting.  The goal is for me to sift through popular blogs and sites so you don’t have to!  This week’s roundup features a couple of great reads on working moms and female entrepreneurship, insight on the benefits of exercise, a business spin on The Real Housewives, and fun spring trends.  Happy Reading and Happy Mother’s Day!

New Study Reveals Thin Silver Lining For Working Moms

The article states: “According to a new research study published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, having children actually acts a sort of “buffer” that allows mothers to better cope with the stresses of working in a negative environment. Dividing oneself between multiple roles helps stave off depression, it seems.”  Happy news for working moms?  According to the article, it does not have the same effect on dads!

Women Entrepreneurs Fight For Their Piece Of The Pie

Great read from Newsweek on the struggles that women entrepreneurs face raising funding.

Fitness For Duty: Exercise Can Make You A Better Leader

Congrats to my friend, Shay de Silva, of Fast Fitness to Go for this excellent feature in Forbes.  Shay provides great insight on the benefits of exercise and the competitive advantage you can gain professionally from working out.  She also provides quick, easy workout suggestions.  Stay tuned, I will be posting a video with Shay in the coming weeks – easy, fast at-home workout for moms!

Are The Real Housewives Turning Into Real Entrepreneurs

I have to admit, I am a big fan of some of the Real Housewives franchises, namely Beverly Hills and NYC.  Who doesn’t love watching a little drama from time to time?  I’ve always wondered why these women subject themselves to airing their dirty laundry and drama to the world.  Most do it for fame!  But some do it to build their personal brand, and have successfully leveraged their fame to build impressive businesses.  This article points out a few.

5 Must-Have Spring Staples

Spring is finally here!  In fact, today, it feels like we fast forwarded to summer!  This article provides a fun look at 5 “must haves” for spring – I’m not sure about the studded denim jacket, but I”m on board with the other suggestions!

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