Weekly Roundup: Productivity Tips, Email Tips, Breakfast Recs & More!

This week’s Weekly Roundup features productivity tips from successful people, tips on how to create an effective drip campaign, a great read on influencer marketing, and tips on loading the dishwasher! These are great articles to get up to speed on lifestyle and business topics as well as share on your social media channels if […]

Camp Lunch Ideas – Video

It’s officially summer and that means most of our little guys are off to some sort of summer camp. Packing lunch for day camps is one of my least favorite activities! However I’ve managed to get pretty creative to mix it up for my little guys and make it as easy as possible on myself. Check […]

4th of July Themed Arts & Crafts

Check out my video for fun, easy and not to messy July 4th themed arts & crafts. Even the least craft mom and the littler ones will enjoy these fun crafts! Happy Independence Day!  

Is Confidence The Key To Success For Female Entrepreneurs?

Huff Post Confidence Image

When interviewing successful female entrepreneurs I often ask the question “what are the secrets to your success” and “what are the must-haves for successful entrepreneurs”. Diane von Furstenberg, Stella&Dot founder Jessica Herrin, Tory Burch and several others have indicated that confidence is one trait that is critical to success. However, research has shown that women continue […]

How to Use Instagram For Your Business – Meetup Recap

Instagram Tips Blurb

My latest meetup featured MtoM Consulting’s Christine Wilson who provided excellent tips on how to use Instagram for your business. I’ve included the highlights from Christine’s talk below, you can head over to her blog for even more Instagram tips. Are you following me on Instagram @anjvarma? If not, would appreciate the follow – it is my […]

Stop The Working Mom Guilt…You Are Actually Helping Your Kids!

Working Mom Image

In her new article Kids Benefit From Having a Working Mom Carmen Nobel highlights interesting research conducted by Kathleen L. McGinn, Mayra Ruiz Castro, and Elizabeth Long Lingo. This research found that “women whose mom worked outside of the home were more likely to have jobs, hold higher positions, and earn higher wages than those whose moms […]