Stop The Working Mom Guilt…You Are Actually Helping Your Kids!

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In her new article Kids Benefit From Having a Working Mom Carmen Nobel highlights interesting research conducted by Kathleen L. McGinn, Mayra Ruiz Castro, and Elizabeth Long Lingo. This research found that “women whose mom worked outside of the home were more likely to have jobs, hold higher positions, and earn higher wages than those whose moms […]

Healthy Tofu Recipe That Even Your Kids Will Love

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I am a big fan of tofu, always have been! I know what you are thinking, eww tofu! But before you knock it, you should really try it the way I prepare it! Many have an issue with tofu because of its consistency, but if you bake it then you don’t have that issue – it […]

How The Modern Mompreneur Styles This Season’s Trends

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 Today fellow Mompreneur and personal stylist and blogger Lani Inlander of Real Life Style is our guest blogger. Check out her take on spring trends to wear to work below, and if you are in the Washington, DC area, read all about her personal styling services here. All Tied Up This spring, designers found inspiration […]

My 5 Fave Beauty Products Of The Moment – VIDEO

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I have to admit I’m not a big beauty product junky. I’ve never been one of those girls that tries out a million products and is always looking for the next big beauty trend. However, I do have a couple of tried and true staples that I love and am sharing with all of you […]

Meetup Recap: SEO Tips & Resource Recommendations

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At our March Meetup, Nicole Krug of Social Light provided an overview of the basics of SEO as well as easy ways you can begin incorporating into your business website. See below for a full recap of Nicole’s recommendations as well as the excellent resource recommendations that attendees shared at our event. Join us at […]

Interview With Founder of Stella & Dot: Inspirational Quotes

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Last week I had a chance to sit down with mompreneur extrodinaire Jessica Herrin, the founder of Stella & Dot. I reached out to Jessica because I am a HUGE fan of Stella & Dot jewelry and because I knew that she was a Modern Mompreneur who started her successful business when she was pregnant with […]

6 Ways Kids Benefit From Sports

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In honor of March Madness, I am reposting one of my favorite blog posts “6 Ways Kids Can Benefit From Sports”.  In this article I share what it is like to be the mom of two young sports-obsessed boys!  There are times when I tire of talking, watching, and playing sports 24-7.  However, I’ve realized that […]

Do Cool Sh*t – Words of Wisdom From A Serial Entrepreneur

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I had the opportunity to hear entrepreneur extrodinaire Miki Agrawal speak last week.  Miki is in her mid thirties and has already launched four successful business ventures.  Her first was 10 years ago when she opened one of the first farm to table pizza places, Wild, in NYC.  She now has multiple locations throughout the […]